Social & Emotional Learning Picture Books

The social and emotional learning picture books on this page will help you teach children about their emotions, how to manage their emotions and how to create strong, healthy relationships with other people. This is an area of particular interest for me and I’ve spent some years building my skills and knowledge about the best way to do this. 

For each picture book we have included the following free, printable resources:

  • a step-by-step lesson plan, including discussion questions, writing activities and suggestions for other activities related to the text;
  • 1-3 differentiated wordsearch puzzles, using vocabulary from the book;
  • a writing/drawing template which can be used for a variety of writing activities related to the text;

More picture books to help you develop your students’ social and emotional skills are being added regularly so check back soon to see what’s available to help in your teaching. 

the way i feel

We feel all sorts of different emotions.
I can identify them and name them.

my heart

My heart and my feelings help me know what I need and what I can do.

when sophies feelings are really really hurt

Sometimes people say things which hurt our feelings. Other people can help us understand what has happened and how we can feel better.

rubys worry

Everyone worries. Talking about our worries can help us feel better.

my magic breath

Paying attention to our breathing can help us feel calm when we feel angry, worried or scared.

words and your heart

The words we say matter. They can help people or hurt them.

brave as can be

It’s OK to be scared. There are things I can do to help myself feel brave

tough guys have feelings too

Everyone has feelings. Showing our feelings is ok.

aroha s way

I can learn ways of managing my uncomfortable emotions

a flamboyance of flamingos
my name is not refugee
bee & me
lest we forget
the peace book