Indigenous Perspectives

The Australian Curriculum designates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Histories and Cultures as a cross-curriculum priority.

This means that teachers are expected to plan for the inclusion of indigenous perspectives, histories and cultural understandings in the lessons they teach so that all students “engage in reconciliation, respect and recognition of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures.” [1]

The picture books on this page will help you explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and approaching the world, their cultures and their histories with your students from the points of view of ATSI people themselves. Click on the book covers to access lesson plans and teaching resources to go with each book.

New picture books, lesson plans and activities are being added regularly so check back soon.

the lost girl


Connection to country


Caring for the environment,

a flamboyance of flamingos
my name is not refugee
bee & me
lest we forget
the peace book