Picture Books About Refugee Experiences and Perspectives

People who have come to Australia as refugees or immigrants make valuable contributions to Australian culture and society, as they do in other parts of the world.

These picture books about refugee experiences and perspectives will help you explore the experiences of refugees with the children you teach. Importantly, sharing these stories will also help promote the development of empathy as children put themselves into the shoes of those who are forced to leave their homes in search of safety and freedom.

The picture books and the accompanying lesson plans and teaching resources are designed to help children investigate these questions:

  • what is a refugee?
  • why do people leave their homes, families and countries to become refugees?
  • what dangers do refugees encounter?
  • how does it feel to be a refugee in a new country?
  • how can we help people who come as refugees and immigrants to Australia to feel at home here?

Click on the book covers to access lesson plans and teaching resources to go with each book.

If you’re a relief teacher, these books are wonderful to take with you into the classroom to be read whenever you have time. Even if the teacher I’m replacing has left a plan for the day, I often read one of these books while the children are having their fruit break. If no plan has been left for the day, you can base a wonderful literacy and even art lesson around any one of these picture books.

New picture books, lesson plans and activities are being added regularly so check back soon.

picture books about refugees
grandmas treasured shoes

K – Year 6

out, picture book

Years 2 – 4

the little refugee

K – Year 6

ziba came on a boat

K – Year 6

what is a refugee

K – Year 3

the journey

Years 2 – 6


Years 2 – 6


Years 3 – 6

my name is not refugee

K – Year 3

the colour of home

Years 2 – 6

a flamboyance of flamingos
my name is not refugee
bee & me
lest we forget
the peace book